Our Passion, Our Heritage

Our family opened Bruno’s in 2015 in dedication of our Nonno, Giordano Bruno,  who immigrated from Milano, Lombardia, Italy to New York and became a  a pizzaiolo. When our Nonno relocated to Colorado, he was frustrated that he was unable to replicate the NY pie that he made daily, and decided to add IPA. With the IPA addition and a few other tweaks, our Nonno’s crust tasted like New York again. 

To our family food is so much more, it’s our culture. Every holiday, birthday, accomplishment, or any other excuse to eat  always brings our family together.  Sundays were always spent at Nonno’s house, to eat, drink wine, make his NY Wood Fired Pizza, and to enjoy spending time together.

Our family wanted to share our culture and the same love that we have for food, family, and the NY Pie, and hope it brings you and your family together.









       House Made Sauce:

  • RED                            
  • Diavolo RED                     
  •  WHITE (Sicilian EVOO)       
  • Olio di Peperoncino           
  • *Vodka (cotains dairy)         
  • Pesto                                       
  • Green Chile Pesto           
  • Roasted Red Chile Pesto (Seasonal)     

All sauce is free of hydrogenated oils, fillers, and animal products, unless noted.                                   


 A variety of fresh ingredents and toppings to choose from.  See our menu for full ingredens/topping list.                                    



  • Vegan Mozzarella Blend     
  • Vegan Pepperoni             
  • Vegan Italian Sausage         
  • Fresh Veggies                          
  • 12″ Potato Crust (GF)               
  • 10″ Cauliflower Crust (GF)

*NY Style Pies   *GIANT NY Slice   *”FULL MOON” 20″  XXL NY Style Pie   *Stromboli   *Calzone   *Breadsticks   *Flatbread Pizza   *Cannoli






Don’t forget the cannoli!



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